Carbon Offsets

CarbonSync™ offers a complete suite of carbon sequestration services. Forest ecosystems form a natural carbon sink, storing carbon safely out of the atmosphere. By carefully accounting for and processing carbon based on our forestry services, we help you protect the environment, making your land valuable. We provide carbon neutral consulting, carbon footprint accounting, organic carbon accounting, forest carbon sequestration, and carbon offset credits based on forests and Christmas trees.

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Carbon sequestration arborist report
CarbonSync™ stores carbon in the trees of our precious forests. Have a certified arborist creat..
1,000 kg offset - Nanoose Bay habitat restoration
1,000 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) sequestered in a habitat restoration project in Nan..
1,000 kg offset - Denman Island forest conservation
8,257 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) sequestered in a forest management and c..
5 kg offset
5 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e). This is a mini offset to balance the CO2-e created by ..
1,000 kg offset
CarbonSync™  offsets are made from preserving standing forests, salvaging wood and making ..
Carbon footprint accounting
Your carbon footprint encompasses not only the direct emissions from carbon producing activities,..
Carbon neutral consulting
CarbonSync™ can help your business become carbon neutral. We have expertise on carbon accountin..
Organic carbon accounting
Let CarbonSync™ do your carbon accounting for organic matter such as trees and other plants. We..
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